Connectivity Abroad: Why Change Your Behavior?

Globalgig provides global mobile broadband service to customers requiring access to mobile data services when travelling, while eliminating the traditionally excessive roaming charges that mobile network operators charge.

Global mobile connectivity

Executives and other staff that travel do not want to have to think about whether a country they are travelling to is within their bundle, have the stress of worrying about the price per MB they are paying or have the hassle of seeking alternative connectivity options such as local SIM cards. They’re also increasingly told not to use WiFi services that can be found in airports, hotels and coffee shops due to the security risks involved, and the many scare stories that exist.

Globalgig combines a SIM card based solution with its own proprietary technology to allow subscribers to connect to Globalgig’s local mobile network partners when used across borders or in multiple countries. 

Even within Europe where the regulatory pressure is bringing down the price for roaming, traditional mobile operators will still put limits on usage, place daily caps or charge for bundles of data that expire.

Our Core Mobile Broadband Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

100+ country footprint

Instant connectivity

Inclusive plans so no roaming charges

Corporate billing options

Expand your reach with a mobile broadband solution

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